Fall Shows with The Wallflowers, Lissie, Jessie Baylin & Gabe Dixon

Been a busy fall! Was all over the map doing shows w/ The Wallflowers, Lissie, Jessie Baylin and several others. Got to visit a lot of great places from Peru, Bermuda, The Bahamas to Muscle Shoals, Vegas, Austin, TX & all over Idaho. Now I’m back in Nashville for a bit working on several recording projects including a new Instrumental EP.


Canada Shows w/ The Wallflowers

Much fun was had in BC last weekend w/ The Wallflowers. Here’s a clip of us doing One Headlight at The Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver. Thanks to Supro for the great amps!

Troubadour w/ Jakob Dylan, Stephen Stills & Regina Spektor

Here’s a fun impromptu cover of the classic Sam Cooke tune “All I Have To Do Is Dream”.

Wallflowers shows in Lake Charles, Denver and Little Rock

Been having a blast on the road with The Wallflowers. Here are a few pictures and video from our recent shows:

Slide Guitar

Donovan cover w/ Lissie

Billboard.com is previewing Lissie’s cover of Donovan’s “Happiness Runs”. I played some fun bowed guitar, electric sitar & tape delay on this track. Super trippy! Also on the track are Bill Reynolds (Band Of Horses) & Seth Kauffman (Floating Action).

Here’s the full article:

On the road for a few shows w/ Lissie

I joined Lissie for a few acoustic shows in Nashville & Atlanta this weekend. We had a blast.


Photo: Heidi Ross

Napa Show with The Wallflowers

Had a blast this 4th of July w/ The Wallflowers in Napa Valley. We played the Robert Mondavi Winery. Beautiful!

From The Napa Valley Register:

“Another standout the other evening was the band’s rendition of “6th Avenue Heartache,” as it had every member of the team firing on all cylinders. It also gave us our first real look at guitarist Stanton Edward.

A real discovery for most of us, Edward hangs his hat in Nashville, tours with The Wallflowers and works with several other musicians. A guitarist with one of the meanest slides I’ve heard in a long, long time, Edward said in a recent interview that “great music is 50 percent brains, 50 percent guts.” Well, he sure displayed the latter, actually taking the spotlight away from the frontman on numerous occasions. On “6th Avenue Heartache,” he reminded us of Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler, at others a Dixie bluesman on a tear. Remember that name — “Stan the Man” Edward, as Dylan labeled him. You’ll be hearing a lot more from this talented young man.”

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Live Video – Caitlin Canty

Recently recorded a cool live video with Caitlin Canty. Featured on The Bluegrass Situation.

“This summer, Canty will be hitting the road to support the set with stops at most of the roots music festivals, including Roots on the River, Telluride, Falcon Ridge, Tweed River, and more. Before heading out, though, she stopped by Colonel Saunders Kitchen in East Nashville to lay down a one-take, live-to-tape performance of “My Love For You Will Not Fade” with a little help from Stanton Edward of the Wallflowers.”

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Time – Pink Floyd

Gearing up to play some Pink Floyd tunes for a fun show on April 4 with Phantom Farmer.

Trent Dabbs – Believer

Had the pleasure to play a bunch of electric guitars on Trent Dabbs’ newest release, “Believer”. Here’s a track I played on called “World On Time” which was recently featured on ABC’s “Nashville”. Buy the album on iTunes here.

Butterfly Boucher – Flutterby Anniversary Live Record

Had the pleasure of playing some guitars & twisting knobs on Butterfly Boucher’s newest project, a re-recording of her Flutterby record. Check out the video below. It was a blast playing with some of my most talented Nashville musician friends and artists on this recording.

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Cotton Mill Live w/ Emily West

Had a blast playing guitar for the mega talented Emily West. Catch her on America’s Got Talent. Here’s us doing her song “Made For The Radio” (explicit lyrics).


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