I'm excited to announce a new Ableton Live plugin I've been working on: SEA Looper

Download SEA Looper

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Check out the SEA Looper in action

Thank you to the fine folks at Artiphon for featuring me, their INSTRUMENT1 midi controller and the SEA Looper in action in this video at my studio in Nashville.

SEA Looper - creative gateway

Free & Open Source plugin for Ableton Live
A Max For Live Device

Record & manipulate 5 Audio Loops at once.
Powered by Ableton Live, Max for Live & the Keith McMillen SoftStep

Tap Tempo & Click On / Off Toggle
Set the tempo via the Softstep and easily toggle Ableton's click on & off

Quantization options
Choose to loop w/ quantization or free-time

Reverse your loops selectively, OR all loops at once.

Choose to loop / play one loop at a time or blended

Includes Max for Live patches

SoftStep controller shows LED visual feedback for each loop's status
(Play, Stop, Overdub and Loaded / Un-Loaded)

Control the loop via the Keith McMillen SoftStep foot controller
SoftStep preset config files included